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EXO_Lotto_Music Video Teaser HD

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Категория ролика: EXO | EXO-K | EXO-M

Рубрика: Тизеры EXO | EXO teasers

Теги: exo

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EXO’s 3rd Album Repackage “LOTTO” will be released on 18th of August. The repackage album will contain 9 songs from their 3rd album “EX’ACT” along with additional 4 songs, ‘Lotto’, ‘Can’t Bring Me Down’, ‘꿈 (She’s Dreaming)’ and ‘Monster (LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix)’. The album title track, “Lotto”, is a hiphop song and the lyrics describe meeting his destined lover as winning a lotto. Enjoy the music video teaser of their title track “Lotto” and look forward to their new music and performances!

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