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🤑 The 25 best games for Amazon Fire tablets | Stuff


Appstore for Android Amazon Coins Fire Tablet Apps Fire TV Apps Games Appstore Family Your Apps & Subscriptions Help Fire Tablet Games Fire tablets feature instant access to thousands of the most popular free and best-selling games.
Case in point: you can get a Fire tablet for ÂŁ50 (or US$50). ÂŁ50! And slightly better options from the retailer-turned-gadget-maker aren't drastically more expensive. Granted, you're not getting a premium iPad-like experience, but it's a tablet capable of playing most apps, media, and games at a bargain-basement price, plus it has Alexa handy.
How to download apps and games to your Kindle Fire So you’ve unboxed, switched on and set up your Kindle Fire – what next? Time to enjoy some of the thousands of apps and games on offer…

How To Install Google Play on Amazon Fire HD Tablet - Get Android Google Play Store on Fire HD Guide

Those who want to buy Amazon Fire HD, you can get 8GB version just for 49.99 from Amazon. Now let’s go through the step by step process to install Google Play Store and Android Apps on Amazon Kindle Fire HD.
The Kindle Fire doesn't support Adobe Flash Player by default. But that can easily be fixed by installing the right version of Flash for Android, and using a compatible web browser.
What Games Can You Play on the Kindle? by Spanner Spencer Updated September 28, 2017 The Amazon Kindle is a proprietary e-book reader equipped with a 6-inch black-and-white E Ink display, or, on the Kindle DX model, a 9.7-inch screen.
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A Kindle Fire is a Kindle that you can read AND play games on, and a Kindle Fire HD is the same thing, except in high definition(HD). Read More
Did you know that you can email documents, load your own content, and sideload apps with the Kindle Fire? Scott McNulty, author of The Kindle Fire Pocket Guide, offers a list of ten cool things he loves about the Kindle Fire. As the author of The Kindle Fire Pocket Guide, it will come as no surprise.
How to put music on your Kindle Fire. reading books and playing games. They’re also great for listening to music while you do those things, with most tablets having built-in audio players.

starburst-pokieDownload Non Amazon Approved Apps on your Kindle Fire | ZDNet What games can you put on kindle fire

The 25 best games for Amazon Fire tablets | Stuff What games can you put on kindle fire

People using tablets like the Kindle Fire will tell you that one of the great uses for them is to play games of all sorts. From card games such as solitaire or matching games like Jewel and Mahjong, a variety of game apps are available for the Kindle Fire. If chess is your thing, you’ll enjoy this.
Like I said I just want to download free apps and games on my kindle fire, but it says something about a one click payment. I don't have a credit card though. I am in the 6th grade I'm not dumb, but if there is a way I can download free apps without a credit card number and everything please explain it to me in a way I could understand.
Best Kindle Fire Games. but this physics-based driving game gets under your skin and it’s tough to put down. The aim is to get as far as you can over an undulating landscape before you run.

What games can you put on kindle firecasinobonus

It really does suck, but you know what?
Forget what Amazon says.
Downloading Google Play Store APK Files.
Step 1: Head over to your Settings and then tap Security.
Why should you enable this?
Step 2: Now, Open your Silk browser on your tablet, and then head over to this very page and download each of the 4 APK files below in order from top to bottom.
Updated on 29th July 2018.
If your Kindle Fire is a 4 th5 thor 6 th Generation Fire then download the 4 files below.
Do not download if your Kindle Fire is of the 2017 7th Generation Fire HD 8.
Do not download if your Kindle Fire is a 4 th, 5th, or 6th Generation Fire.
How do I find out?
Jump into your S ettings, tap Device Options, and then finally scroll down until you see Device Model.
Just go ahead and Tap Simslots blazing whenever it appears.
Step 4: Great work!
Now once the download is complete tap to Open the file.
Step 5: Next, scroll all the way down the screen and tap Install.
Step 6: Then just hit Done.
Now in the words of Mr.
Miyagi, just wax on and wax off repeat for all four APK files in order.
Installing Google Play Store APK Files.
If you find that Google Play Store is still not installed and you have downloaded all the APK files, then try these steps below: Step 1: Close out of your Silk browser and open up the built-in file manager app, Docs, that you have on your Fire tablet.
Step 2: Select Local Storage Step 3: Next Click your Downloads folder.
You will find all your APK files will be here in this folder.
All you have to do is simply tap on one to begin installing it onto your Kindle Fire.
Again make sure to install all the files in the right order.
Step 1: All you have to do now is just tap on your new Google Play Store app, and sign in with your Google account.
Give it some time.
Your new Google Play Store and Google Play Services will update automatically in the background, and it may take around 10 minutes or maybe even less.
What do I do?
Jake April 23, 2017, Hey Tina, I have updated the.
So first up, make sure that your Kindle Fire is updated to the latest version, then second try to download the new and updated.
Let me know how it works, Tina.
I have a version 8.
How do I fix this?
Kacie April 4, 2018, Hi my name is Kacie, I am having 1 hwll of a time understanding how to do this.
Trying to download Google play store In my kindle.
Could someone please HELP ME MY 8015770327 thanks Jason April 18, 2018, I followed all the instructions google play store shows up but when I tap it nothing happens.
Also tried reboot several times.
Just in case — so far so good though.
Jake April 27, 2017, Hey Josh, First, try.
Try these solutions and let me know how it works, Josh.
It took me some time,but got it installed and working great.
The links are a godsend!
Lulu April 21, 2019, Hi!
I followed the instructions on my hd 10 and it worked for the first six weeks.
Yesterday it started timing out Google Play after about 2min.
Anything I try to watch just stops after 2min.
Jim Davis April 26, 2017, There are much newer APK newer versions than the ones you link to, for player services and play store.
Should we use the latest versions or the old ones.
Ike January 31, 2018, FWIW, I decided to download the latest but got a parse error.
I then went back to the ones pointed to by this page and everything installed.
I see now that as pointed out below, these will auto-update anyway.
Perhaps add a line to the instructions above that advises to not attempt to load the latest?
In any case great instructions, Thank You!!
I can finally install Android apps.
Damien April 15, 2019, Works just fine on my 8th generation and I have installed a system update since.
Thank you for your clear instructions.
Jim Davis April 26, 2017, I see you mention they Auto update.
My questions before I do: Can you still get software updates on your Kindle after doing this and if so, will the Google Play Store still work whenever you get those software updates or will you have to go through the download process each time you get an update?
Jake April 27, 2017, Hey Marsha, Yeah you should!
Can you still get software updates on your Kindle after doing this?
Yes you can, Marsha.
You can update your FireOS your software updates for your Kindle Fire after doing this.
Will the Google Play Store still work whenever you get those software updates or will you have to go through the download process each time you get an update?
Tell me how it goes, Marsha.
The install button does not respond at all even for the first download.
The cancel button does.
Marsha May 2, 2017, Wishing I could delete my last comment.
I rebooted, made sure I was signed on as an unrestricted user, resumed installing without problem, and am now using Google Play to install the apps I need.
Eric F July 14, 2017, Your embarrassment becomes my gratitude.
I thought Amazon must have changed something to break the installation.
Then I read your comment, and thankfully the reboot worked.
Olaf July 15, 2017, Marsha, I would also like to add my gratitude, had identical problem, followed your advice and installing went without a hitch!
I too had to reboot before the files would install.
What are my other options.
Please note that I had to Reset to Factory Defaults, and starting over again.
The first time it worked, but after the Reset, I have to start from the beginning.
Help please, and thanks!
Silvia November 29, 2017, Thanks Marsha for the solution to my problem!!
And super thanks Jake for this super useful post!!
Jessica October 4, 2017, Marsha, same here is my thank you for you comment and subsequent reply about how you got it to work.
I also had the need to restart to get the install button to work.
Now all is well.
Terry November 23, 2017, I have powered off and on twice, but Install is still grayed out.
Fire HD 8 running FireOs 5.
What can I do please?
So first up, make sure that your Kindle Fire is updated to the latest version, then second try to download the new and updated.
You can also try to Download the file using the Silk browser the official web browser of the device Let me know how it goes, Olalekan.
My kindle is running the latest version 7.
I make sure to download the file that pops up when I click on the link instead of finding a newer version of it.
Rachel Moore May 12, 2017, I just got my Kindle Fire.
I have done the above steps on the main parent profile and it worked great.
Google play is working like a charm.
I have a second profile on the same Fire and I download the same 4 files to that profile and the first two files install but the last 2 files do not install.
How do I get Google Play working on more than one profile on the table?
At least now we know that the problem is with the installation itself and not the individual files.
So what you can try doing is restarting your Kindle Fire.
I am having the same problem as you.
The first two file install but the last two fail.
Lois May 21, 2017, Thanks so much, worked perfectly after rebooting.
Ruth May 21, 2017, Thanks so much for the instructions and the links, I did this and it works perfectly!
Let me know how it goes Taylir.
Jake Kovoor August 13, 2017, Hey Lorna, No I have not had feedback on whether it has worked for the 1st Generation Kindle Fire.
I had installed the Amazon ES file manager and their latest version YouTube app and it seems to be working fine for now.
Jake June 6, 2017, Hey Michelle, Glad that it worked for you.
Let me know if you need anything, Michelle.
You can follow up with this guide by Google themselves: Keep me updated on how it goes, Larry.
Everything seemed to go OK, but the Play store does not show up in the apps.
When I go to the download directory via Docs, I can install and run it, and that works fine.
I logged into my Google account OK and got Google installed and running, but it also does not show in the list of apps.
What should I do besides leaving Google Play running?
Martin Cohen June 9, 2017, Never mind.
When I scrolled the home screen up, the Play store and Google were there.
Dan June 21, 2017, Excellent!
Works great and really easy to install.
Thanks for sharing this!
MeX June 22, 2017, Hello and thank you for the guide!
Will it be a problem for the device at all, doing this?
Yeah it should be completely fine.
Rest assured if anything does happen hit me up with a message alright?
Strangely the cancel button does.
Michelle June 24, 2017, I have done this several times over the last 12 hours off of a different page and I was ready to throw the dam thing jungle games the window.
Your instructions are really informative, easy to follow and WORK FANTASTICALLY.
I can now access GOOGLE PLAY.
THANK YOU Jeannie June 29, 2017, Followed the steps and it went great!
I did have to restart my Kindle Fire before it would let me install but after that, it works great.
Ginjer June 30, 2017, Just want to say thank you!
This worked like a charm on my fire hd 8 7th generation.
No issues with the install.
Took me three goes and a restart but I now have all my Google favourites on my new Kindle!!!
Nico July 12, 2017, Great instructions; worked really well.
Recommend you add a line about restarting the kindle after downloading all the files.
I was having trouble and came to the comments and found the solution.
Thanks for posting this!
Many thanks for an excellent and clear resource Joshua Membreno July 15, 2017, This is awesome!
I did this on 2 brand new Fire tablets and it works.
However, I read the comments above rescue fire games online someone had the same problem and just rebooted the tablet and it fixed it.
I did the same and continued the process with no issue.
I had zero issues when I did this with the second tablet.
Google Play store works perfectly and I have been able to download games and apps without issue.
Thank you for sharing this!
This is much easier than other methods Is seen on the web involving rooting the device and such.
All is well on my brand new prime day bargain Kindle fire 8hd …except for one issue.
I have rebooted and all software is up to date.
Jake August 2, 2017, Hey Matt, Yes.
Vivian July 18, 2017, I downloaded all the APK files but is having trouble installing them.
I bought the new Kindle Fire HD 8 on Prime Day.
I searched and found these instructions after checking XDA.
First download was at 8:43.
Completely setup and signed in with Google Authenticator by 8:52.
This allows me to install OverDrive for ePub books.
Someone may quibble but for 49.
Donze July 21, 2017, Success — that re-boot item is kind of important to mention — once I saw the message and rebooted, I was home free.
Mark July 22, 2017, Bought two Fire HD6s on a Woot!
Will be doing the second one now.
I was able to download 3 different free download software game pokemon fire red from the Google play store to control my home theater setup.
I doubt if Amazon will ever have these in their app store.
I have tried several times but cant seem to get past this stage!
I am wondering if Amazon have done something to prevent us adding Google Play?
For clarification I have previously added Google to my own latest Fire 7 in the last 4 weeks.
Thanks Jake August 2, 2017, Hey Gwyn, Try rebooting your Kindle Fire and make sure you are signed on as an unrestricted user.
Keep me updated on how it goes Gwyn.
Can you give me a hand?
Jake August 2, 2017, Hey JR, This is a pretty common problem for most.
You can follow up with this guide by Google themselves: Keep me updated on how it goes, JR.
It is working fine, and worked right away!
July 31, 2017, Hey Tina, Awesome article!!!
I updated my apk phone.
I am looking for this type of suggestion.
Thanks for sharing google play store install info.
August 2, 2017, Thank you so much for such creative and to the point article.
Just loved to read the details.
Thanks joshua August 8, 2017, Hey Jake thanks for the instructions.
Thanks Jake August 13, 2017, Hey Joshua, The problem could be because your Kindle Fire is 3rd Generation also make sure it is running Fire OS 5.
Let me know how it goes Joshua.
Just got Kindle Fires for me and the wife and as we are both Chromebook fans your instructions on how to add Google Play and functionality are exactly what we need.
You are a star!!
John Wendy August 10, 2017, Help?
I downloaded all the files.
I just have Cloud and Device.
What do I do now?
I have the Kindle Fire HD 8.
Let me know how it goes Wendy.
August 20, 2017, First of all I want to say wonderful blog!
I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your head prior to writing.
I have had a difficult time clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out.
I do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are lost just trying to figure out how to begin.
Any suggestions or hints?
Cher August 22, 2017, This was super easy, had no glitches whatsoever.
Only thing I did differently was to install newer versions of the apk files available.
If you need the google play apps, use this guide.
Thank you so much!
Chris August 23, 2017, Bro, thanks so much for sharing!
The instructions were clear and I had no glitches.
After spending hours trying to download Youtube Kids I bought the kindle for my daughter via instructions from a variety of websites, and failing miserably, I came across your post.
So glad I did.
Now I have the whole Play Store to choose from.
I have a HD7, 4th gen.
What else can I try?
Jake August 23, 2017, Hey Rube, It is supposed to work for your HD7, 4th Gen Kindle, may I know what version of OS your Kindle is running on?
Tomi August 25, 2017, You are THE bomb!
Thank you for taking the time to share that knowledge with everyone.
You made our world a better place.
Nancy September 2, 2017, Worked GREAT!!
I stumbled upon your page after 15-20 mins of following other websites and was about to give up, but you had such clear, step by step instructions that I thought I would give it another shot.
Brad September 16, 2017, Worked great!
And I was successful in installing the Chegg eReader App so I can use my new Fire HD 8 2017 to read my textbook instead of having to use the browser based version.
Linda September 30, 2017, Very easy to follow directions except for one thing.
My docs folder was a little different but I did find my downloads.
They were labeled differently, though, so I installed backwards from top to bottom.
I realized halfway through that the name of the fine was there, after I clicked on it, at the top of the page.
So I read through some of royal flush game free other comments and uninstalled playstore, went back to the files and installed in the right order, which, for my kindle, was bottom to top.
Just for anyone else wondering as I did what the order, on the kindle, was.
Carol Forde October 3, source, Brilliant, and SO easy!
I needed a VPN app for a three week trip to Europe, and could not download it without Google Play.
Once I got the files downloaded there were actually five; the last small one being the logo image for Google play and rebooted my Fire, I was able to install everything without a just click for source />Thanks for this crystal clear tutorial!
Prof October 21, 2017, Oh the frustration.
Rebooted but no change.
Have been working on this for hours now.
Jen November 4, 2017, Update.
Found if I closed out and back in and went straight to the docs app I could get the install button to light up, once each time.
So did it 4 times for the 4 downloads and it worked.
Who knows why but google play is now on my screen.
Quentin Packard November 11, 2017, Hey Jake, thanks for of your work.
I have tried Framework versions 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x and 8x, mostly from apkdownload.
They all give the same parsing error message.
Do you have any insights or advice for me?
Awadh Kejriwal November 13, 2017, Thanks for the article!!
Can you please help me out in this matter?
Emilou November 25, 2017, Just read all the comments and having a common problem where I can only select cancel and not install have tried to reboot but still nothing.
I have a fire 7 Mika November 25, 2017, Hey what do you do if you accidentally installed the files in the wrong order?
I just bought the tablet thinking it was an ordinary one just bcuz of the cheap price.
I lost all hope until I saw your post.
I love u April Cronin November 27, 2017, Hey Jake, I was able to successfully install the first apk file, but even after rebooting twice, it will not let me install the next one.
The install button is unresponsive.
What am I doing wrong?
MJ Hunter November 27, 2017, Hello.
I am reinstalling to my Fire 7 because I had to do a factory reset.
The Install is still greyed out, after rebooting multiple times.
I am on Fire OS 5.
How can I do that?
The first time was a breeze, but for some reason, not this time.
Lukus November 28, 2017, Hey.
So this all works great.
However I cannot get this to work within a fire for kids profile.
Seems it has a permission issue unlike the adult profiles.
Anyone cracked this yet?
Natalie Allen November 28, 2017, Hi.
Thanks Natalie Allen November 28, 2017, Sorted it.
Decided to tap the sync device option in settings… went straight back to downloads and for a few seconds it gave me the install option.
Did this each time to install each of the 4 downloads and works with success!!!
Lynn December 1, 2017, I finally got past the parsing.
WISH i had a page like this to that free games gun fire apologise to my Resume Brilliant!
Thanks John Vaughan December 8, 2017, Hey Jake, just got my kindle today and my question is, if I do this will I be able to download things I have purchased from The Play store on a different device?
I rebooted per the comments.
Thanks for your help.
I installed that and now your directions work.
Jen December 11, 2017, Hi — longtime Apple user.
But my install button never lights up to actually install the APK files.
So it breaks down on STep 4.
Is it a silly setting?
SunMan1 December 12, 2017, Thank you so much!
All sorted thanks to your post!
Debra December 15, 2017, Can the files be downloaded to my laptop then moved to my kindles download folder?
Much easier for me it they could.
Debbie December 16, 2017, I can download apk files but I cannot INSTALL.
As the INSTALL button is disabled.
Can you help what games can you put on kindle fire />Kirstyn December 25, 2017, Debbie, How did you fix your problem?
I am having the same issue and cannot figure it out.
Ben Woodford December 19, 2017, Thanks for this… worked first time… BUT….
Anyone else had this problem?
Was able to download and install all the other apks.
Also rebooted but no luck.
Please help as wanted to give this tablet to my son,already loaded for Christmas.
Joe December 21, 2017, Worked like a champ!
Start the install from the bottom.
Thanks for the great info!
Larry December 21, 2017, Tried this, a couple of problems: 1 It all appears to work until I try running the Play Store.
It will kick me out after a few seconds, and then the Play Store icon will gray out on the home screen.
If I try to launch it, it tells me that the SD card I installed it on is no longer in the tablet.
I can, though, see and launch the Play Store app from the Recent section of the For You menu.
Thanks for your help!
Robin December 22, 2017, Thank you!
I love that you made it idiot-proof!
I still had to actually use my brain a bit though!
It installed without a hitch.
Do you have any advice?
Heather December 25, 2017, First thank you this was so simple after trying other ways to get Google play on my daughters Kindle.
Gives me an update button but that takes me to the amazon app store.
How do I update services to get this to work?
I keep getting an error saying failed to download?
The other 3 files have downloaded no problems — any ideas?
Maria December 27, 2017, I followed the instructions and everything was working perfectly until today.
Now when I try to install an app from the Google play store, the app what games can you put on kindle fire not automatically go to my home screen and I have no idea where to find it.
Kevin December 28, 2017, I have the same issue.
I can only get to the new apps by using the search bar and launching from there.
Jody Hackley December 27, 2017, I just have one question.
Will I still be able to download Amazon apps as well as Google or will it only run on Google Play now?
George Grosman December 28, 2017, everything worked perfectly until I tried installing.
Kevin December 28, 2017, When you have the install screen open with the install greyed outturn off the screen using the power button, wait about 10 seconds, then turn it back on.
The install should be orange now.
Anyone know why this is or how to fix it so my new apps are on my home screen?
Luca December 29, 2017, Try this, it worked for me for now!
Now clear cache and force stop, then come back to the home page and you should find your missing icons.
Fire HD 10 ASHLEY Brock December 31, 2017, Happy new year!
I have downloaded the files but the only icon i have is for google setting.
Which iv signed in ect.
I waited over night to try again but same thing.
Dean January 1, 2018, Just followed this guide and it worked great on two Kindle Fire HD 8s.
John January 3, 2018, Thanks, I have just added Google Play to my new Fire HD8 and can now run favourite apps not available in the Amazon store.
I have one query about using backup and restore.
This now seems to default to Google.
Andy January 8, 2018, Many thanks for the excellent installation guide.
Only problem is that not only do the Google Play app icons not appear on my home page, but neither do any new ones loaded from the Amazon site.
Any suggestions on how to sort this?
Newly downloaded books appear in the Kindle Books app ok Tori January 10, 2018, Hey I am having issue downloading the last apk download.
It keep saying app not installed.
What to do Steven January 10, 2018, OMG what a life-saver!!
And such straightforward instructions.
James January 11, 2018, Thanks for the instructions.
Files installed properly, but for some reason my GMail app will not stay open once activated….
Other google apps are stable.
So thankful I came across your post on Google.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Candace Mewborn January 13, 2018, I did this in the order you have listed, the only thing I did different was when it said updated version I downloaded that one thinking it would be best to use that.
So what I do?
I have the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 with a 5 os.
So, what do I do?
Candace Mewborn January 28, 2018, Hi, How do I go about updating the my OS??
The OS on my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 is 5.
Awaiting Instructions on how to update my Amazon Kindle Fire OS 5.
Brutto January 22, 2018, I had exactly the same error, until I loaded the exact links in the guide.
Google play will update itself at a later point Paul January 14, 2018, All four files installed successfully on my profile.
When I tried to install on a secondary profile, the first two install fine but the 3rd will not install Any ideas?
Sunni Thomas January 16, 2018, Wow Thanks so much i was lost without my google play store not working and your instructions were very simple to understand and do it.
Gary January 18, 2018, Hi, thanks for the great guide.
I have completed all steps and everything appears to be running.
I ran the play store directly from the finished install last step and the store opened fine.
Looking in the settings and installs it appears that all 4 files are there and installed.
I have rebooted and cleared the cache to no avail.
Maria Myrback January 21, 2018, Thank you for a wonderful guide.
The process failed on my old Kinde Fire, but worked great on the newer one.
Cmsnook January 22, 2018, Hello!
Thank you Brutto January 22, 2018, Thank you for this guide.
It worked when following your instructions exactly and NOT selecting the updated apks which gave me a parsing error.
So pleased I have this Google Play on my tablet.
VH January 25, 2018, Hi, Thank you so much for this.
I have a 2nd generation Fire.
I initially attempted to install the newer versions and continued to experience failures.
I then downloaded from the archive did the reboot before installation of all four files in the order you described.
Clicked on Google Play and was able to enter my account information.
However, I continue to get error message: Google Play has stopped and it shuts off.
I have software version 7.
The OS on my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 is 5.
Awaiting Instructions on how to update my Amazon Kindle Fire OS 5.
What do I do?
Rebecca February 3, 2018, Hello, thanks for all the info.
It has all installed on my kindle fire hd and i have installed Google Home app.
It can see the Chromecast i.
Please ensure that your phone has an internet connection, then try setting Chromecast up again.
When I installed the APK files there were lines that said it could make phonecalls and send messages which could cost me.
Is this likely please?
Thanks so much Jessica February 4, 2018, Thank you!
So grateful for these easy instructions!
My Kindle Fire is no longer useless.
Followed your instructions, but cannot get past the Installed message on the Google app I want Quickpic.
I do have quickpic installed on my old tablet.
Quicpic is urgently needed so I can so I can select photos by name they are music sheets for Ukulele, scanned as jpg elyssa February 12, 2018, Thank you for the instructions.
I got all the files to download and run, and Google Play to open.
Any other ideas for me?
Paul February 12, 2018, I was able to get google player on my Kindle thanks to you.
I tried 3 other posts and they all left some steps out.
I was royal flush game free to do with your post.
I must have worked on it for 2 hours.
Rebel February 23, 2018, I just picked up the Amazon Fire HD10 with Alexa.
I found several posts and Videos showing how to load Google Play.
A couple video simply did not work and I was nervous about messing up a brand new tablet.
I kept researching the topic and came across this post.
The reviews were important for the ease and success of those who followed the instructions.
Of concern also was that the 2017 version of this tablet was now blocked from being able to load Google Play + almost all the reviews I read are from Fall 2017.
I just went through these simple straightforward instructions and it worked perfectly the first time.
I followed the order, but Downloaded + INSTALLED each before going to the next; thus, I was able to skip the DOCS portion of the Instructions as I had already downloaded each file individually.
Select each file from the links provided.
Good luck, and I hope it works for you too!
Jon February 25, 2018, Thank you so much.
Glad I stumbled across your technophobe friendly post.
Is there any way around this?
Lisa March 16, 2018, Hello there!
Thanks for this awesome guide.
Any idea on what I might be doing wrong?
Sandee April 7, 2018, Thank you!
Have been trying to get certain apps for a whhile now on my Kindle!
This did the trick!!!
Sansa Stark April 8, 2018, Hey, everything got installed according to the instructions but the play store simply wont load.
The 3rd and 4th ones have a long list of requirements then it always says install fail.
I have tried this over and over but it still says the same thing.
Btw my Kindle is generation 5 Kadie Overby May 7, 2018, So the first two files install perfectly.
The 3rd and 4th ones have a long list of requirements then it always says install fail.
I have tried this over and over but it still says the same thing.
Henry Wolpert May 17, 2018, Had to fudge a little to get it to work so it took 4 minutes rather than 3.
Shame on Amazon for being so greedy.
Mark Pouthier May 21, 2018, At beginning u instruct fire red gameshark starter pokemon open Silk and then head over to this very page.
Leah Y June 14, 2018, PERFECTION!!!
Thank you SO much!
My kindle fire is now more than a paperweight!
Aliyah June 15, 2018, I downloaded all the flies and installed everyone; however, once I select Play Store, nothing happens.
Eddie June 23, 2018, Worked perfectly.
Perfectly clear, easy to follow directions.
I needed this to run an Android program to control my drone.
The first 3 files downloaded perfectly.
I really appreciate you sharing this as its the one fireball of the Amazon Fire not having Google apps!
Thank you for you help Paddy July 23, 2018, Thanks Jake for the excellent instructions.
I can really appreciate my Fire tablet now.
Paddy July 24, 2018, Thank you so much for your clear, concise and perfect instructions.
I followed each step as stated and everything went as planned, up and running in 5 minutes.
If only all instructions were as easy to follow as yours, I must confess to trying Youtube first but non of their videos matched what I had on my screen, I much prefer your method of scrolling down the page for the next stage instead of constantly pausing video instructions.
Absolutely brilliant, thank you again.
Fred W Onyx August 1, 2018, I got it installed but every time I tap the GP store app, nothing happens.
Michael Rice August 2, 2018, As of today, it will not download the Google Play Services APK on my 7th Gen 8 inch.
A known block by Amazon?
Raffey Cassidy August 3, 2018, My word, this website is fucking gorgeous.
Literally gives me the ASMR feels haha.
Erica August 16, 2018, Hi there!
It just does nothing and returns to the home screen.
Franky September 7, 2018, This 100% works with Amazon Fire 7 7th Gen, 2017, 8 GB.
Quick fix is just to App Info Clear Data and maybe cache too for Google Play and you should be good to go.
Have already been successful in downloading and using youtube, Play Books, and MS OneDrive.
Thanks for this guide, bro!
Tasha September 10, 2018, I tried this on my KIndle Fire HD 8 2016 and it worked perfectly.
The googleplay store auto updated its self and once signed in my first royal flush game free was slow to start but it finished quickly.
Newton September 21, 2018, Works Perfectly!
When apps are updated — is there a way to be notified?
What about the Google Play Store app itself — if that is updated is there an easy way to keep that up to date?
It has a Fire OS that is compatible with Nougat.
Will the versions in these links work for installing play on that one?
And will the update to the Google Play Store be updated to that level?
September 26, 2018, Kindle Fire HD 7 2012.
Running the first set of files produces the error message: There is a problem parsing the package.
What should I do????
Cristal May 20, 2019, hopefully you got this question answered.
But on his site where he lists each of the 4 downloads.
Hover over the please click for source i.
Google play store apk then click on it when the hyperlink is available.
This post IS what I call…… the diamond in the ruff!
I happened across the page with the new links after the recent kindle update.
Downloaded this files, turned my kindle off and restarted and there it was.
I was able to download all but 1 of the Canadian apps we use to cast to our TV!
AD November 1, 2018, Hey Jake, I have an 8th Gen Fire 8HD.
Cooldek November 15, 2018, Hello Jake, was on the verge of giving up click to see more I saw ur post and it sure helped me.
DK December 26, 2018, I tried multiple other ways to fix this problem without success and was seriously about to return my Kindle when I saw your amazing post.
Instructions worked perfectly for my Fire 8!!!
Thank you so much!!
If i wanted to uninstall the apks and start again where do i find them on my fire to uninstall?
I was able to download a game from the store but it has me starting from the beginning.
I am playing it on another device and really dont want to start again.
I did sign in on the fire with my google account but it did not connect the 2 games.
After following the directions to setup Google Play Store, the apps I needed installed.
Can someone PLEASE help me?
Kari April 11, 2019, I tried getting the file apkpure, downloading with chrome, and Silk.
I was able to sign in to chrome.
I DO NOT WANT my android apps on my kindle well, a couple of them I do how do I keep the other apps in Google Play store from installing on my kindle?
Stephen Smith May 29, 2019, Hi Jake, i got my kindke way back when, but i recently factory reset it.
It says im on version 10.
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When you purchase a game for your Kindle, the purchase is saved to your Amazon Kindle account management dashboard. In fact, all items you purchase for your device can be accessed via the Archived.
Appstore for Android Amazon Coins Fire Tablet Apps Fire TV Apps Games Appstore Family Your Apps & Subscriptions Help Fire Tablet Apps Fire tablets feature instant access to thousands of the most popular free and best-selling apps and games.
This guide shows you how to install Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire HD. Warning. The instructions in this guide are intended for use with the 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD.


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