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Free Mobile App for iOS. Free Game Guides App will provide you, every week with 10 free, full, extensive guides and walkthroughs for popular video games, that you will be able to download to your device and always use for free, without Internet connection.
Onmyoji is a fun turn-based mobile game set in mythical ancient Japan. This is a fan made site hoping to help English speakers play the game.
Lords Mobile Game Guide screenshot Introduction: Lords Mobile Game Guide: Lords Mobile is a game developed and published by IGG a well-known Singapore based company. The game is free-to-play [f2p] and with the facility of in-app purchase, so you can buy your path to instant success.

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Welcome to the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile Game Guide! Here you will get an in-depth look at PUBG Mobile's latest news, events, skins, techniques, weapon guides, and more!
The Sims Mobile Game Guide contains practical tips that will help you during the game. You will learn how to create a Sim, how to build a house and what job to choose. The guide also contains information on what steps you should take, in order to quickly level up, gain energy and expand your sim's family.
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Mobile Mobile game guide


[Grand Chase – Dimensional Chaser] Beginner’s Guide. Introduction Grand Chase – Dimensional Chaser (GCDC) is a Real time Strategy Action RPG mobile game. GCDC is free to play, however there are some game items that can be purchased via real money. Unlike any other “Gacha” games, GCDC is very F2P-friendly and you will find out why.
Game Of Thrones Conquest Basics. The game's introduction holds your hand through the basics of building structures and waiting out timers to harvest food, wood, and gold. There are a few elements that are different from your standard Clash Of Clans building and battling game you need to watch out for, however.
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starburst-pokieLords Mobile Game Guide - Lords Mobile Mobile game guide

Where to Begin to Create Your First Mobile Game | Pluralsight Mobile game guide

Lords Mobile is a strategy game from IGG. One of the main aims of the game is to offer up lots to do. The problem quickly becomes, exactly what do you do when you’re first starting out and after the tutorial is completed?!! It’s not like you want to just jump in and end up getting hammered on.
2018 Mobile Game of the Year – Golden Joystick Award Best Game of 2018 – GooglePlay awards FREE ON MOBILE - Play console quality gaming on the go. Delivers jaw-dropping HD graphics and 3D sound. Featuring customizable mobile controls, training modes, and voice chat. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4.
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Mobile game guidecasinobonus

Lords Mobile Game Guide: You can download this game from Google play store and Apple app store for free.
Install and run the game.
On the first start, the game will take you to the first tutorial.
You can skip it or learn a few basics from.
Inside the castle, you will find the castle, barracks, infirmary, castle wall, vault, shelter, and watchtower.
Lords Mobile Game Guide screenshot Introduction: Lords Mobile Game Guide: Lords Mobile is a game developed and published by IGG a well-known Singapore based company.
With regards to App Annie, this is one of the top grossing apps strategy on the Apple App Store iOS and Mobile game guide Play store.
According to official statistics, it has about 65 million players all over the world.
The gameplay comprises of several game modes.
The most famous and notable is Player Versus Player battles.
Players must build and upgrade their castle and train or build armies in order to increase their power or might gain in-game experience, attack other players, destroy their castles, loot or seize their resources, and capture their leaders.
You can either choose to get attack boosts by keeping and executing the leader or ask for ransom.
Kingdom War KvKall servers or system selected servers are opened for attacks for 24 hours.
Only the servers which are 90 or more days old can take part in KvK.
Players also get to attack monsters wandering around in kingdom map or other which appear time to time to get resources or forge items or equipment.
Gems: Every game has a unique currency.
Shiny purple gems, you will see those and want those in the game always.
You can buy gems in-game store or use some in-game methods to earn free gems.
The amount of gems you have is displayed red circle Lords Mobile store.
Lords Mobile Game Guide: You get to play hero stages.
There are always some interesting events happening in the game.
Like wonder wars, guild bash, Guild fest, KvK.
But to participate in these events you have to be in a guild.
The game has its mail system you can send private in-game emails to anyone in the game unless they have blocked you.
There are a guild chat, kingdom chat tab and Kingdom news tab introduced in the last update in November.
In guild chat tab you can chat with your guild members and buy cool emoji to use in-game chat and of course, there are free emoji too.
In the last tab of Kingdom news there is an automated announcement of attacks, really attacks happening in that kingdom or server.
PvP, KvK, guild wars, Hero stages.
Constructions, researches, monster hunts, wars and many more.
For every construction and research, you can give and take help from your guildmates that reduces your time taken by that quest.
You can also help your guildmates with resources.
Will explain about that later.
Many research trees to complete and game developers never seize to add more.
More 6: Interesting events in the game happening from time to time.
After joining a guild you will never be alone.
Chatting, meeting new people from all around the globe.
If a player is powerful for you to attack alone, you can rally him with your guildmates.
Rallies require coordinated actions of the whole guild.
You can move your castle anywhere on the map or even to other kingdoms.
The adrenalin rush is always high when you are playing Lords Mobile.
Building Mechanism: Lords Mobile Game Guide: The Lords Mobile game works on world building mechanism.
As described above you have to build your castle and upgrade it.
The resources are obtained from resource buildings or you can gather from the kingdom map.
There is a third option too, your guildmates can send you the resources you need.
You can get help from guildmates to cut short the time required to build or upgrade.
Or you can use gems for instant build or upgrade.
We will discuss resources in details just follow.
Your castle at first level on the map The max level of any building in Lords Mobile is 25.
Well, things are more interesting than just to build and upgrade your castle.
You cannot upgrade your castle until you have upgraded the inner castle buildings to required levels.
In Castle, there are these main buildings barracks, watchtower, infirmary, resource buildings, vault, manors and castle wall.
With unlocking new areas around your castle you get to construct more buildings.
Those are Academy, Battle Hall, Prison, Embassy, Altar, treasure throve, Familiar buildings.
Castle Lords Mobile Game Visit web page The main and central building of all.
It serves as the heart of your Empire in Lords Mobile.
It stores all the resources.
Army size, Army limit depend upon your castle level.
With each upgrade the number of helps you can get from guildmates increases.
At first level of your castle, you get 6 bits of help from guildmates, but free mobile game for blackberry curve 9320 each upgrade of your castle it adds up one more help.
At max level, you can send 200,000 troops and 5 armies out.
These numbers can also be increased by researching new tech in the laboratory.
Heroes can also be sent with armies to add up to troops attack or defense boosts.
The max army size you can send is displayed in your castle description Castle wall: Lords Mobile Game Guide: Like a real-life castle, your castle in Lords Mobile game has a Wall.
The wall must be upgraded.
With each upgrade, it adds to your defense as its HP increase.
HP means health points.
This wall is no ordinary wall it has traps and guards.
You can station your heroes to guard it so your heroes lead your armies during combat.
By upgrading the wall its capacity of traps and heroes that can stationed increases.
The castle wall… The first line of defense Barracks: Lords Mobile Game Guide: The house and training place for troops.
Troops are trained here.
You cannot grow and upgrade your castle without upgrading barracks.
The amount of troops you can train in barracks depends on the level of barracks.
At the max level of one barracks, you train up to 5000 troops at once.
However, this number can be increased by researching new tech in the academy.
The Barracks… Infirmary: Infirmaries or hospitals for troops.
Well, infirmaries are hospitals where you can treat your wounded troops.
The amount of troops that can be healed depends upon the level and number of infirmaries in your castle.
You get to choose either you want to heal mobile game guide by spending resources or want to let them die.
In allotted are you can go here more than one infirmaries.
But keeping one infirmary is the must.
Manors: Lords Mobile Game Guide: Manors are mansions from where you get the gold for your castle expenses.
The manors not only give the gold but also boost for troop training.
The higher the level of the manor, more of the boost you get.
You can build more than just one building of manors.
In an allotted area you get to choose either you build infirmary or manor or barracks.
The green building Resource Buildings: Lords Mobile Game Guide: As mentioned above Lords Mobile operates with world building mechanism, so if you are familiar with it you can understand it better or why not I can just tell you.
For building you need materials.
Those materials in a game are called resources.
The resources used in Lords Mobile are food, stone, wood, ore or iron and gold.
Battle Hall, Prison, Altar and treasure throve require additional resources but we will discuss that later with details.
Farm, Lumber Mill, Query and Mines Lords Mobile Guide For food you have to build farm, at least one farm is must in a castle, for the stone you must build the query, for a wood Lumber mill, for ore aka iron term ore is used in Lords Mobile you have to build mines and for gold, the gold comes from mansions.
At least one building of each resource type is must in a castle but you can also build more than one buildings of one resource type in Lords Mobile.
To upgrade your castle in Lords Mobile first you have to upgrade these buildings to a required level.
Vault: Lords Mobile Game Guide: Vault!
Reading this word you think of the secure room.
Well, Source is a vaulted building in Lords Mobile.
What does it secure gems, troops, resources or experience you earned?
Well, it secures your resources.
Not all but some percentage of your resources.
The vault stores a fixed percentage of your resources in case of an attack by other player or players.
The max level for the vault is 25.
The amount of secured resources by vault depends on its building level.
Till level 24 of the vault, it serves all resources but gold.
To get your gold secured in the vault you mobile game guide upgrade it to level 25 max out the building level.
At max level mobile snooker game download can secure 2.
The vault capacity can also be increased by researching new tech in an academy.
So there is a shelter building or more of a cave.
You can send your leader along with your troops in the shelter for 12 good hours.
So if anyone attacks while your leader and troops are in a shelter they will be unharmed and you will not lose those troops.
You cannot send all of your troops in a shelter.
The capacity of shelter depends on your army size you are allowed to send in Lords Mobile with extra 10,000 troops under the command of your leader while at its max rank.
Watchtower: Lords Mobile Game Guide: Watchtower or guard tower you can call it either.
It detects enemy troops moving towards your turf and alerts you.
So you can prepare yourself to fight or fly away.
At its max level, you not only get all its capabilities but it also decreases the attack power of opponent troops by 10%.
Work Shop: Lords Mobile Game Guide: The place where you can build your equipment for your leader, merge or divide the items for equipment, jewels fusion, and Dividing and sigil fusing.
The one with exclamation sign Trading Post: Lords Mobile Game Guide: As mentioned above, one of the best features this is you can send and receive resources with your guesstimates in Lords Mobile.
To transfer send or receive resources you have to build a trading post.
Tax is applied while transferring resources.
The tax amount can be minimized by upgrading the trading post.
The capacity is also increased by upgrading it.
The max level is 25.
The Trading Post Academy: Lords Mobile Game Guide: The most interesting building in Lords Mobile.
Here you get to research new play download mobile game and acquire new abilities and enhance those.
To upgrade this building to max level you must upgrade all other buildings in a castle to max level.
Above the workshop Academy has many research trees like the economy, defense, military, monster hunt, familiars and many more.
Research all trees to become a master of Lords Mobiles.
Embassy: Lords Mobile Game Guide: There is an embassy building in your Castle.
In order to host allies, troops, you must build the embassy.
With each upgrade of Embassy its capacity to hold troops increases.
Max troops size is 2 million troops at level 25 Embassy.
You can rally other players with your guildmates.
To hist a rally you must build the battle hall in Lords Mobile.
This is To increase the size of rally troops you have to upgrade your battle hall.
To upgrade it you need other resources and war tomes.
War Tomes are special stuff and you have to buy those in a game in order to upgrade your battle hall.
The amount required is different for each upgrade.
The captured leaders of other players are kept in prison.
If you manage to kill all troops of a player then his leader is captured and is put in prison.
Prison is one of a special building for which you have to buy special stuff to upgrade it.
You will have to buy steel cuffs to upgrade it.
For each upgrade amount of steel cuffs required is different.
The max level of prison is also 25.
At its max level, you get boosts for holding prisoners in your prison.
Bellow the Battle Hall building Altar: Lords Mobile Game Guide: An altar is also just click for source of the special buildings in Lords Mobile.
Here you can click here your captured prisoners.
Executing a prisoner gives military boosts.
To upgrade it you will need soul crystals as an extra and special resource.
The amount required is different for each upgrade.
Golden Building Treasure Throve: Lords Mobile Game Guide: Treasure Throve or gem mine a special feature and building of Lords Mobile.
This building is unlocked at castle level 17.
Here you deposit your gems for 7 days, 14 days or 30 days period and get more gems over the time.
To increase the interest rate and capacity you must upgrade this building.
The max level for this building is 9.
Crystal Pickaxe is used to upgrade this particular building along with other resources.
Amount of Crystal Pickaxe required is different for each upgrade.
The purple Building Familiar Buildings: Familiars were introduced in Dec 2017.
Familiars give amazing boosts.
You can unlock familiars by merging pacts in Lords Mobile.
Pacts are unlocked by researching pacts in an academy.
The familiar buildings The main familiar buildings are Monster hold, Spring, Gym and Mystic Spire.
We will talk about familiar in details in Familiars section.
Player Profile: While playing Lords Mobile you are making your profile and upgrading it.
Your Profile includes your Castle name, you can name your castle and can rename it anytime you wantPlayer level, Talent points, Kill count and your equipment, Heroes collection.
Overall how successful you are in your profile.
The Player Profile VIP level system: Lords Mobile Game Guide: Lords Mobile offers VIP levels in the game.
Max VIP level is 15.
With each log in every 24 hours, you get VIP points, These are used to upgrade your VIP level.
VIP level gives many buffs like free task finish at a certain time remaining, Army buffs and economic buffs.
Log in daily to earn VIP points or you can buy them from a mall or with gems.
VIP points are also found in guild gifts.
The VIP level Player level: While playing lords mobile you will notice the importance of player level.
Max player level is 60.
Player level is increased with experience.
The experience can be earned by upgrading your castle, researching new tech, engaging in military combats, hunting monsters, and colleseum competitions.
Unlocking a hero and upgrading it gives you might.
The building, research, and hero armies might are called base might.
Whereas might gain from troops is raw.
If someone to kill your troops, you will lose the might you got from troops.
The total might of the player is displayed here.
Talent points: With the advancement in the player, level players get talent points.
With every advancement into a new player level, a player is awarded six talent points.
Which can be used to boost your economy and military statics.
In the economy section, you set your talents to boost your construction, research and gathering speeds.
In the military section, you can boost your army attack, defense and troops training speeds.
And you can set it to mix so you get military and economic boosts at the same time.
Troops: Lords Mobile Game Guide: Being a Lord of a castle it is must that you have troops.
Troops are used for almost every task please click for source the game.
You need troops top attack anyone, you need troops to defend your castle and protect your resources, you need troops to gather resources.
You have to train your troops and look after them.
The troops and divided into 4 types and according to grade or quality of troops, these are divided into the tier.
The four types of troops are infantry, ranged, cavalry and siege troops.
Lords Mobile Guide Training of troops takes place in barracks.
For training the troops you must build barracks within your castle and upgrade those to expand their training capacity.
Training of troops is comparatively harder and easier based on tier type of troops you are training.
Training Tier 1 troops are most easy.
It uses very little resources and is trained in a very short time.
Training of tier 4 troops is hardest of all.
It takes a hundred times more resources as compared to tier 1 troops and take more time.
But with an increase in tier troop attack and defense capabilities are enhanced.
Tier 1 is weakest of all, tier 2 is a bit stronger than tier 1, tier 3 is average and tier 4 is the link powerful troops.
A quick glance at T4 troops Battles Lords Mobile Game Guide: Players attack other players, can rally others with their fellow guildmates.
If you got better troops, better attack or defense boosts, the better strategy you are announced victorious.
Guilds: Or group, players can choose either create their own group or guild or join guilds created by other players.
Guild policy can be set to public meaning anyone can join or private.
However, a guild can only have 100 players though some player learned few tricks to get It up to 101.
There is a ranking system in guilds.
Rank 1, rank 2, rank 3, rank 4, rank 5 or leader.
Rank 4 members are officers of the guild.
They decide and imply policies in the guild.
They have the authority to let people in the guild or kick them out.
The leadership can also be changed or given.
If the leader has been inactive for a set amount of time in this case days the r can cast votes and change leadership.
The group has its levels.
In other words gift level.
With higher gift level you get better rewards or items out of guild gift.
Guild members help each other in the economic situation and military situations.
You get helps from fellow guild members based on your castle level to cut short build time of ongoing construction research.
Max amount of helps you can get with max castle level is 60.
Being in a guild or a group mobile games online no download its perks.
With more and more and better guild gifts the gift level of guild increases.
Gameplay Lords Mobile Game Guide: Lords Mobile offers many gameplay modes.
You get to play hero stages.
Players have to make a team of five selected heroes and participate in it.
The winner earns experience and higher rank in Colosseum.
Gems are given to victors depending on their rank in Colosseum.
Monsters are always lurking around here.
It is the PvE mode of the game.
It is unlocked after clearing Skirmish 8.
The monster can only hunt with Holly Stars in here.
Players get different bonus items by attacking monsters in the labyrinth but also can stand a chance to win jackpot pf gems.
It has two modes normal and Elite.
Pro tip Save up many gems as much as you can from the beginning of the game.
You will need these to buy stuff in the game especially while upgrading special buildings.
Join a good and active guild from your first start.
Give help and get help.
You help others to grow and others will help you grow.
Save your troops and leader at every cost, use shields, shelter.
Wonders wars: Lords Mobile Game Guide: After every five days there a fight among guilds to get hold of base and forts in that kingdom.
The forts and base give certain boosts.
Means its contest to just click for source the best group to rule the Kingdom is.
The winner rules the Kingdom for the next 5 days.
The leader click here a Ruler guild is called Over Lord which can assign titles to players in Kingdom.
Can Pardon all captured leaders in Kingdom, can send Kingdom wide messages and can start boosts for some time for all the kingdom.
Battle Royal There is a whole Kingdom or server dedicated to the battle royal.
Players with 25 level can take part in it.
You must buy a ticket worth of 100k move to a royal battleground.
Be aware it is for Titans.
The Winner is the one who holds the base for a maximum time period.
The winner is called Emperor.
Emperor can assign titles to players and even to Kingdoms, which give various boosts.
Royal Kingdom Feudal Wars Lords Mobile Game Guide: The royal battleground in Lords Mobile is divided into districts.
The battles take place to occupy these districts.
The winner is called a baron.
Baron gets different boosts and also can assign titles.
The Feudal Wars points in Royal Kingdom map.
War for Chalice It was introduced in an update of November 2018.
This also takes place in Royal Battleground.
The player participates in it become Paladin.
The winner gets various bonuses.
In this game mode, the player has to fight through a series of challenges using already unlocked Heroes to get trophies and medals for new heroes.
Completing the stages can earn the player new Heroes, Hero experience, and materials for Hero equipment.
You need those materials and trophies to increase the rank of your unlocked heroes.
Different heroes give a type of boots.
Some of which give economic boosts like resource production boost or construction or research boosts while others give military boosts like army attack or defense boosts.
The heroes have 5 grades Common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary grades.
You also have to rank up your heroes.
With higher rank hero can command more troops.
There are 7 ranks.
The Hero stages PvE mode Colosseum or Arena.
Another interesting and player versus player PvP -mode in Lords Mobile is Colosseum battles mode.
In this mode, players have to set up a different combination of 5 heroes to fight the combination of other players.
Here the hero grade and rank matter most.
You can attack anyone in the arena even your guild or group members.
In case of victory, you get Hero experience and higher position in the Colosseum ranking.
The gems are awarded to players based on their ranking.
The Labyrinth — PvE-mode, the player can challenge a boss in order to claim various resources and speed-up items.
On occasion, players may earn a jackpot of Gems.
Inside The Colosseum Attacks and defenses in the game require developed tactical and strategic thinking.
The player should not only know which heroes to take into battle, what equipment to wear but also be able to make quick decisions that are correlated with the current situation.
Wonders requires in many respects the coordinated action of several players of one guild.
Heroes or Characters In Lords Mobile, you get to know about 40 characters also called Heroes.
They can be put into subclasses of intelligent, Agile and Strong.
Each Hero has different and unique qualities and also an interesting story.
You have to come up with your own strategy and it is the need for the game to improve these heroes and make use of them.
A good strategy is a path to success.
The Hero Characters Lords Mobiles never disappoints you, free mobile game for blackberry curve 9320 get two types of Heroes paid ones and free ones.
Paid ones are those you get from a game mall.
Free ones are those launched with the game.
You can get those by clearing hero stages in the game.
Upgrading Heroes Each hero comes with unique abilities.
These abilities can be unlocked by upgrading your heroes.
You can upgrade your Heroes too.
To upgrade your hero there are two cases upgrading your hero rank wise and grade wise.
In grading wise there are 5 grades, common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary.
The rank of the Hero can be upgraded with trophies.
You can get trophies from Hero stages.
Grade wise hero is upgraded by getting its medals.
Medals can found in Hero stages.
Sweep Hero read article in an Elite mode to get the medals.
To play hero stages you need stamina, which is 120 and different Hero stages take a different amount of stamina depending on its level of difficulty.
The leader is the one who leads your troops into the battle and you get your talent and leader boosts if you use your leader in battles.
You can make awesome equipment for your leader so it gives more boost.
If your leader gets caught you lose all your talent boosts, VIP level boosts and equipment boosts.
For more click To download Lords Mobile game click this button.

Everything about Claude Guide (Build, Emblem, Tips)ă…ŁMobile Legends

Lords Mobile Game Guide - Lords Mobile Mobile game guide

Lords Mobile Game Guide - Lords Mobile Mobile game guide

Lords Mobile Game Guide screenshot Introduction: Lords Mobile Game Guide: Lords Mobile is a game developed and published by IGG a well-known Singapore based company. The game is free-to-play [f2p] and with the facility of in-app purchase, so you can buy your path to instant success.
Mobile Royale Heroes Guide. Heroes or the main characters in Mobile Royale game lead the army in campaign battles, harvesting, defense, attack, and wars. Their strength impacts the whole army, base, and result. Mobile Royale game features over 15 mighty heroes and all the heroes have unique skills.
In this section, we will start covering game guides for the various mobile games. Please let us know if you would like to cover any games that you like! Please share them with your friends and leave comments if you have any additional thoughts or insights. Latest Additions. Marvel Future Fight


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