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🎰 Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Walkthrough


Page 3 of the full game walkthrough for Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.
Fantastic Four is a action-adventure beat 'em up video game based on the 2005 film of the same name. Players play as the characters of the Marvel Comics superhero team Fantastic Four using combos and special attacks to fight their way through hordes of enemies and bosses.
The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Fantastic 4 for PlayStation 2 (PS2).

Thanks for clicking on the FAQ. Welcome to the "fantastic" world of the "Fantastic Four"! In this walkthrough, I will give full explanations on how to utilize the powers of all four members, how to defeat all the bosses, and of course, access to all the unlockables and cool secrets. Strap yourselves in folks!
Doctor Doom is once again trying to destroy our heroes from the Fantastic Four. This time, he wants to use an army of robots. At the beginning of each level you will be able to choose two team members who will fight against this insidious enemy.
Take on the role of any member of the Fantastic Four team and switch characters at any time. Each member has unique special abilities that will help the team get through different situations. Fight enemies from the Fantastic Four universe including Silver Surfer, Red Ghost, Terrax and Super Skrull.
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Fantastic 4: Rise of the silver surfer Part 1 Full game Walktrought Gameplay XBOX 360 - YouTube Fantastic four the game walkthrough


Numerous merchandises and The Fantastic Four games have been made through the years. Many The Fantastic Four games can be found online as flash games but there are also video games which are available for different gaming consoles. Popular The Fantastic Four games include Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
For Fantastic 4 on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 1 FAQ (game guide/walkthrough).
Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the achievements for Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer in the most comprehensive achievement guide on the internet.

starburst-pokieFantastic 4: Rise of the silver surfer Part 1 Full game Walktrought Gameplay XBOX 360 - YouTube Fantastic four the game walkthrough

Fantastic 4: Rise of the silver surfer Part 1 Full game Walktrought Gameplay XBOX 360 - YouTube Fantastic four the game walkthrough

Take on the role of any member of the Fantastic Four team and switch characters at any time. Each member has unique special abilities that will help the team get through different situations. Fight enemies from the Fantastic Four universe including Silver Surfer, Red Ghost, Terrax and Super Skrull.
The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Fantastic 4 for PC.
See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Fantastic 4. Help for Fantastic 4 on PlayStation 2, Gameboy Advance, PC. More help, hints and discussion forums for on Supercheats.

Fantastic four the game walkthroughcasinobonus

THE FANTASTIC FOUR Sony Playstation FAQ Version 1.
Who are the Fantastic Four?
The Heroes of this game II.
Bring on the Bad Guys!
Who are the Fantastic Four?
The Heroes of this game For all you newcomers, the Fantastic Four is considered to be the First Family of the Marvel Universe.
The plot involved a brilliant scientist named Walkthrough csi game miami the Richards, who was so determined to beat the Soviets into outer space that he sneaked consider, the osbournes game the a rocket base along with his best friend Benjamin J.
Grimm, his girlfriend Susan Storm, and Susan's younger brother Johnny.
The four of them got on board an space shuttle and made it into outer space, only to find that the ship was not properly shielded against cosmic rays.
The ship was bombarded with the radiation, and upon making it back to earth, the four of them found that they had strange new abilities beyond those of normal humans.
They pledged to use their powers for the good of all humanity and thus became known as the Fantastic Four.
The Human Torch - Johnny Storm was a hot-headed teenager with a love for adventure which compelled him to accompany his sister on Reed Richards' space mission.
The cosmic rays that bathed the ship gave him the ability to ignite his body on fire, as well as the ability to project intense blasts of flame.
He called himself the Human Torch, taking his name from the android superhero of the 1940's which had similar abilities.
Johnny's powers have increased with his age, but his habit of playing pranks on the Thing has not gone away.
Invisible Woman - Aspiring actress Susan Storm insisted upon accompanying her boyfriend on his space mission, perhaps against her better judgement.
When they landed, she found that she was able to turn invisible at will.
Her powers also increased with time, and she gained the ability to make other objects invisible, as well as to project nearly-unbreakable invisible force fields of nearly any shape or size.
It is largely because of this latter ability that she is thought by many to be the most powerful member of the team.
Fantastic - Reed Richards is generally considered to be the greatest scientific mind in the Marvel Universe.
Even without the impressive elasticity he gained from his cosmic ray exposure, he would still be a hero to be reckoned with.
He has invented countless amazing devices and seems to be able to figure out a scientific solution to any problem.
He and Sue have a young son, Franklin, who is an enormously powerful mutant with the ability to manipulate reality itself.
They also have an infant daughter named Valeria, who has yet to display any powers.
The She-Hulk - Jennifer Walters was a meek attorney and the first cousin of Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk.
When she was shot by the mob, her life depended on a blood transfusion from her cousin.
Once she received it, she became a tremendously strong, seven-foot-tall, green beauty.
Unlike her uncontrollable cousin, she maintains her mental faculties in this form, and she generally does not change back to normal size, as being big has given her the confidence she lacked before.
She-Hulk joined the team in the 1980's when the Thing departed for several years, and she stepped down when he returned.
The Thing - Benjamin J.
Grimm grew up poor in New York City's Yancy Street neighborhood.
He led a rough life and became leader of the Yancy Street Gang, just as his brother Dan had before his untimely death.
After the deaths of his parents, he was taken in by his uncle Jake and aunt Petunia, who managed to turn his life around.
He won a football scholarship to Empire State University, where he met Reed Richards, and the two became close friends despite their obvious differences.
Later, he joined the Air Force and was a highly decorated pilot.
He jokingly offered to fly any shuttles Reed might build.
Little did he know that list of pokemon games yahoo friend would take him up on his offer and that it would change him into the ever-lovin' Blue-eyed Thing.
He became a hulking, orange-skinned monster with both tremendous strength and an indomitable fighting spirit.
His skin would soon harden into rock, and it has remained that way for the most part ever since.
Unlike the other members of the team, Ben can never lead a normal life, and Reed has tried many times to cure him.
Despite this, Ben has a relatively good attitude about life, and he even found love in the form of Alicia Masters, a blind sculptress and the stepdaughter of the villainous Puppet Master.
Bring On The Bad Guys!
The Villains The Fantastic Four's rogues' gallery is a colorful one, and the roster contained contract pact game blood the this game was chosen well for the most part.
Attuma - Attuma is an Atlantean barbarian who has attempted to conquer the underwater kingdom by means of brute force.
His strength is close to Prince Namor's, however, he has never been able to defeat the Sub-Mariner in battle.
Consequently, few of his attempts at conquest have been successful.
Doom - Victor Von Doom was born in Latveria, a small country in eastern Europe.
He was the son of Werner, a scientist, and Cynthia, a sorceress who was burned alive for witchcraft when Victor was only a child.
He took up studying science just as his father did, but always maintained an interest in the occult, and he became both brilliant and arrogant.
His studies brought him to Empire State Game monkey toking the, where he met and became rivals with Reed Richards.
Victor began unauthorized work on a machine which would be used to contact the dead, but when Richards found a flaw in his design, Victor became enraged and disregarded the mistake, refusing to believe that he could be wrong.
When he attempted to use the machine, it exploded, scarring his face, and he was unceremoniously kicked out of the university.
He soon traveled to Tibet, where a group of monks crafted a suit of armor for him which included a mask to hide his scarred face.
He would return to Latveria and conquer it with his combination of science and magic, all the while planning revenge on Reed Richards, who he blamed for the mistake which left him scarred.
He is by far the most formidable foe not just of the Fantastic Four but of the entire Marvel Universe, and he is constantly looking for ways to increase his own power at any expense.
Dragon Man - Dragon Man was an automaton created in a lab and brought to life by the evil alchemist known as Diablo.
He is a nearly mindless, indestructible brute with fiery breath and enough strength to give the FF trouble all by himself.
Having the intelligence of an animal, he has often been manipulated by various criminals into doing their bidding.
Iceman - While not a villain by any means, he does appear in the game's bonus stages, and this is probably the only place to put him.
Bobby Drake was born a mutant with the ability to use moisture in the atmosphere to form constructs out of snow and ice.
He can also change his body into solid ice.
He is a founding member of the X-Men, and he was also prominently featured in the 1980's cartoon series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.
But why is he here?
He never had much to do with the FF.
However, in this game, he has a smooth, almost chrome appearance as opposed to his usual angular, icy physique.
In fact, he looks more like the Silver Surfer than Iceman.
His animations are also very similar to what the Surfer's would be, and he's way stronger than Iceman normally is!
The Surfer would have been a much more logical choice for the game, but presumably Acclaim wasn't able to get the rights to use him, so they took away his board and changed him into Iceman at the last minute.
That's just my guess.
The Incredible Hulk - Dr.
Robert Bruce Banner was a brilliant, if emotionally detached, scientist assigned to work on the experimental gamma bomb project.
While attempting to chase a teenager named Rick Jones from the testing range, he was hit with the full force of the detonating gamma link />Instead of killing him, the massive dose of gamma radiation transformed him into the physical manifestation of his repressed anger - a massive being known as the Hulk.
The Hulk is not truly evil by any means, as he possesses a childlike mind and usually just wants to be left alone.
However, his temper is ferocious, and if he feels threatened, the game download track can cause a great deal of damage.
He has battled many threats to humanity, including the Leader, the Abomination, and the Absorbing Man, but he has also crossed paths with the FF on several occasions, particularly the Thing.
Ben resents the Hulk for being the only human who has consistently defeated him.
The Hulk becomes stronger as he becomes angrier, while Ben fatigues just like a normal man, so the Hulk almost always defeats Ben one-on-one.
Galactus - while he doesn't actually appear in the game, he is mentioned, so I felt I should do a bio on him.
Galactus is a near-omnipotent cosmic being who survives by draining the life energy from entire planets, hence his nickname "The Devourer of Worlds.
He has employed these beings, his heralds, to find new worlds for him to feed on.
These have included the Silver Surfer, Firelord, Terrax, Nova aka Frankie Raye, Johnny Storm's one-time girlfriendMorg, the Asgardian Destroyer, and even Johnny Storm himself!
Galactus has crossed paths with the Fantastic Four on many occasions, and Reed Richards is among the few mere mortals to earn his respect.
This is no small feat, considering that Galactus is as much a force of nature as a living being, and he seldom gives any thought to the lives extinguished when he feeds.
The Mole Man - Ruler of the underground kingdom of Subterranea, the Mole Man was an outcast from society because of his unusual appearance.
Tired of being mocked by other people, he chose to set off on his own and explore the globe.
He would discover Monster Island, which was hidden in the Bermuda Triangle.
Once there, he fell underground and ended up in Subterranea, where the darkness caused him to lose much of his eyesight.
However, he developed a game speed play the need for sense similar to that of the hero Daredevil and learned to command the bizarre creatures that lived there, including the Moloids, which he trained as his servants.
He also carries a staff equipped with various weapons.
The Mole Man is not truly evil, but he has sought revenge on the surface dwellers several times.
Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner - Namor is one of the oldest Marvel superheroes.
He is the son of Princess Fen of Atlantis and a human, Captain Leonard McKenzie.
Hence, he can breathe both water and air, and he is also able to fly.
He grew up underwater and became a powerful and noble ruler, although his arrogance has occasionally led him to attack humanity.
Underwater, his strength is comparable to the Thing's, but the longer he stays out of the water, the weaker he becomes.
He has been both an enemy and a friend to the Fantastic Four, and he has shown a romantic interest in Sue Richards.
Psycho-Man - Psycho-Man was the chief scientist of the microscopic world of Subatomica.
He set out to conquer other worlds, his chief weapon being his Emotion Control Box, which can cause its victims to feel fear, doubt, or hate.
He has used this weapon to great effect, particularly on Sue Richards, who he temporarily transformed into a villain called Malice.
The SKrulls - The Skrulls are a warlike race of shape-shifting aliens.
They have come to Earth on several occasions and caused problems, but they have always been defeated.
They even used their technology to endow one of their warriors with all the powers of the Fantastic Four, dubbing him the Super Skrull.
Another Skrull, a female named Lyja, impersonated Alicia Masters for a time, and while doing so, she fell in love with and married the Human Torch!
Ben Grimm was none too pleased with this turn of events, but once the truth was revealed and Alicia returned, Lyja joined the team!
Moves The basic controls for this game aren't too hard to master.
If you have the instruction booklet, you may even already know them.
However, if you're like me and bought the game used without one, then here they are: D-Pad - Move around - tap a direction twice to make your character run.
Note: if you let your character stand still, he or she will do something.
Sue will toss her hair back, Reed stretches his neck, Ben cracks his knuckles, and so on.
X - Jump you can do flying attacks by jumping and pressing an attack button Triangle - Attack 1 Square - Attack 2 Circle - Block blocking attacks will also drain your power gauge L1 - throw an object or small enemy down L2 - throw an object or small enemy back R1 - throw a small enemy over the back of your head R2 - held down while doing special moves with the D-Pad or throwing objects; for example, to fling a car or other object anyone can do ittap up, down Start - Pause while paused, press Select to either quit or switch heroes In addition to the basic one-button attacks, every character has 4 special moves.
One will use up 50% of your power gauge that little bar next to your health pie chartbut the other three do not cost anything.
Don't be afraid to use the ones that have a cost, as you can easily find powerups to replenish your power or get them by juggling an enemy in mid-air a la Mortal Kombat, causing them to fall out of the unfortunate baddie.
Hold R2 and press these combinations on the D-Pad to do these moves: Human Torch Rain Fire: Up, Up uses 50% power Fire Ball: Up, Toward, Down Aura: Down, Down Fire Arc: Down, Away, Toward, Up Thing Earthquake: Down, Towards, Up uses 50% power Throw Rock from Ground: Up, Away, Down Sunday Punch: Up, Up Charge: Towards, Towards She-Hulk Leaping stomp: Down, Up uses 50% power Big Kick: Towards, towards Read more Stomp: Up, Towards, Down Uppercut: Up, Up Mr.
Fantastic Ground Smash: Up, Up uses 50% power Mace Swing: Towards, Towards Laser: Up, Towards, Down Grenade: Down, Away, Up, Towards Invisible Woman Turn invisible: Away, Away uses 50% power Barrier wave: Down, Down Homing bubble: Down, towards Multiple bubbles: Up, towards IV.
Level Guide Again, I'm pretending that you're like me and don't have the instructions.
Before I start, I should mention a few things about the options screen that aren't readily obvious.
Turning Drones on will allow you to choose up to 4 computer players to assist you during the game.
Changing the play mode to Cooperative means that the drones won't be able to harm you, and you won't be able to harm them.
Versus means just the opposite.
Turning Training on will put you in the Bonus stage scene, where you can spar against drone opponents or another player, almost like a fighting game.
This isn't much good if you have it set to Cooperative, though!
You'll notice pretty early on that if you clear any given stage of a level without dying, then you'll both earn another life and be treated to a bonus battle against either Dragon Man, the Hulk, or Iceman who as I said looks an awful lot like the Silver Surfer.
They all tend to fight dirty, but as long as you don't try anything too fancy, you can take 'em.
You could always just use Sue and turn invisible, then pummel him; however, you can't switch characters in this scene.
Hopefully you'll win, or else you'll lose that life you earned!
Occasionally during gameplay, what looks like a piece of cheese will appear on the screen by your energy gauges.
This apparently happens when you constantly hit the same attack button and are thus playing in a cheesy manner.
I'm frequently guilty of this.
Level 1 - Attack of the Molemen!
Stage 1 is in the Psp on the downloaded games, 2 is the City and your battle with Mole Man's monster, 3 is underground, 4 is Monster Island where you meet a huge devil-like beast, 5 is an underground Mine with 4 scenes avoid the carts, which explodeand 6 is Moley himself.
Note: the stage select for this level is pretty messed up.
Selecting 2 takes click here to stage 3, 3 takes you to 4, 4 rob the bank 2 game you to 5, 5 takes you to 6, 6 takes you to a hidden level full of extra lives which comes out halfway through stage 4, and 7 takes you to 2.
Despite what the title says, there's only one Mole Man.
Plucked from their headquarters by a mysterious beam, the FF are plunged into a city filled with chaos!
Or so the title says.
You'll spend this level wandering around, beating up Moloids and other uglies.
Early on, you'll walk past a building with some powerups in it; toss a Moloid through the doorway to break it open and get the goodies.
You may need 'em!
You encounter the Mole Man's monster on stage 2, which you may remember from the cover of Fantastic Four 1.
He'll keep slamming his fist on fantastic four the game walkthrough ground, and if you don't want to get hurt, you should jump when he does to avoid the tremor.
He'll knock boulders onto the ground in front of you, which you can throw back at him by pressing L2.
This is the only way to hurt the big critter.
After beating him, you'll progress through a few more stages, one of which has a gigantic, devil-like monster on it.
This thing is known as the Megataur.
You can't hurt it, so avoid its fists and eye beams and move on.
On the last stage, you'll face off against the Mole Man.
You'll need to use the same technique you did on the green monster to defeat him, except you'll be throwing Moloids at his little red air chariot until it explodes.
When it does, he'll battle you hand-to-hand.
Just clobber the little runt your super moves will devastate himand he'll start crying about how you ruined his plans.
Then it's on to.
Level 2 fantastic four the game walkthrough Subatomic Nightmare Stage 1 is outside the caves, 2 is inside them beware of pits which draw you in!
No sooner have the heroes defeated Mole Man than they are transported to the microscopic world of Subatomica!
What is going on?
I wish I knew, invisible narrator, I wish I knew.
The game designers did a really weak job of connecting the plot together.
Anyways, this level has a few more jumps you have to make, plus pits full of green lava which will drain your life if you stand in it.
There are also some really annoying werewolf-type men which jump all over you, in addition to some bigger lizards which can shake the ground.
At least you can throw the wolfmen into the lava and watch them die!
On stage 3, you'll have to fight an ugly, yellowish, octopus-type monster.
Just toss wolfmen at him, and he won't be that tough.
Battle your way through and you'll get to Psycho-Man.
Just keep beating on him, and try to avoid that big lizard he'll have with him.
He'll use his device to shrink you and make his lizard grow, but just ignore this and keep pounding him, and he'll fall.
Level 3 - The Last Days of Skrull World Stage 1 is on the bridges, 2 is a battle with Super Skrull, and 3 is again on the bridges.
The Fantastic Four's strange journey continues as they are beamed to the Skrull homeworld, just as the mighty Galactus is devouring it!
Too bad you don't actually see him or anything.
Maybe Acclaim wasn't allowed to use him either.
These Skrulls fight really cheap, almost as annoying as those wolfmen in Subatomica.
You'll have to jump up to knock the flying ones out of the sky.
Oh, and avoid the falling debris!
Climb onto the elevator platform at the end of stage 1, and you'll be taken to fight the Super Skrull.
Just pound him like you would anyone else.
His henchmen are actually more annoying than he is.
Then on level 3, you'll be making your blocks game download the out of the place.
This gets annoying because the scenery sometimes obstructs your vision.
But just keep pounding, and you'll get through.
Level 4 - Atlantean Attack?
Note: on the Stage Select, what is marked as level 6 is actually level 4, and what is marked as level 4 is presumably the inaccessible bonus scene Stage 1 is the Harbor, 2 is onboard a boat and the battle with Namor, and 3 is Attuma.
Next stop: New York Harbor, where an aquatic attack appears to be the work of Namor, Prince of the Seas - can the Fantastic Four get to the bottom of this?
I hope so, it's kind of their job.
This level has some difficult villains on it.
Big, black, walking octopi, even bigger, pink whales with arms and sonic screams, and Atlantean troops with nasty guns.
But by now, you should be pretty used to pounding them with your special moves, so go to it.
But be careful not to fall into the water, since apparently none of the team can swim at all.
Namor falls into the same category as Super Skrull in that his lackeys will bother you more than he will.
Beat him up, and he'll proclaim his innocence and direct you towards Attuma.
Take him down, and you're off to Latveria to meet Dr.
Level 5 - Is the World Doomed?
Level 1 - Doomstadt, Level 2 - Castle Doom, Level 3 - Doom Using electrical components assembled throughout his travels, Mr.
Fantastic has created a time machine that leads him to the root of their problems - Doomstadt, where they must stop Dr.
Doom and foil his plans.
You don't need one of those to get to Latveria!
Why didn't they just go there in the first place?
I know Doom's got a time machine in his castle somewhere, but it would've queen of the games drama korea nice if they told us earlier that Doom's been zapping us all around the entire time and causing all these problems by putting us against these other villains.
That'd games workshop of the rings for an okay story, but it's not so good when you have to figure it out for yourself!
Anyway, just pound your way through the village and through Doom's castle like you would anywhere else.
His Doombots are tougher than most other enemies, but you can take 'em.
The only really tricky part about the castle is when you're on the conveyor belt.
Then you'll have to toss a Doombot through the portrait of Doom to get out of the room, or else fantastic four the game walkthrough huge piledriver at the end of the belt will squish you.
When you take on Doom himself, you'll only experience the full effect if you have Reed, Johnny, Sue, and Ben there together.
Then you'll get to hear their full conversation with Doom before the fight starts.
Doom is a tough cookie, as he should be.
He'll block most of your attacks, but list of pokemon games yahoo you can get a few good shots in, he'll fall like anyone else.
Then you'll see a brief ending with the Fantasticar flying out of Doom's castle and the team saying some corny stuff.
Sue is horribly mischaracterized here, just as Reed was before the fight with Doom.
Still, it's nice to see some more full-motion video.
Don't get me wrong, I liked this game, but it could've been a real classic if they'd put about six months' more effort into it.
This game can be a tad frustrating without 'em, so I thought I'd add these.
The only one you should need is this first one: Cheat Menu From the Menu screen with the Thing's facechoose Options.
Scroll down to the very last option, Training, and press L1, L2, R1, and R2 together.
This unlocks these 4 new options, which should make things much easier: -Invincibility you can still die is by falling off a cliff or into a pit -Level Skip, which you can activate during gameplay by again pressing L1, L2, R1, and R2 simultaneously.
Being that this game doesn't have a save option, you'll need this!
But beware - pressing select here resets the game!
Be warned that choosing 3 will make it difficult to cross bridges and throw rocks, although it does show off the game's graphic detail nicely.
But if you choose this, you won't see the FMV Game Over scene with Dr.
Doom gloating over how he beat the Fantastic Four.
Both players play as the same Character This is a neat little glitch in the game for you to exploit.
witches brew game playing a two-player game, press start to pause, then press select, choose another character, then press X to pick him or her.
When one player is teleporting in the blue ray, have the other player press start, then select, and choose that same character.
If you're quick enough, both players will have him or her.
Needless to say, this can make things confusing!
This should give you 100 lives.
However, I haven't gotten it to work, and with the much more versatile cheat menu, you shouldn't need this one.
Thanks If not for my sister, I probably wouldn't have written this FAQ, so if it was any assistance to ya, you've got her to thank.
Being the big FF fan that I am, I felt that this game needed an FAQ, and if nobody else was gonna write one, I might as well do it, if only to show that this game is not as bad as some reviewers might suggest.
For more on the characters, visit www.
View in: Text Mode.

Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Wii Fantastic four the game walkthrough

Fantastic Four - FAQ/Walkthrough - PlayStation - By BizarroNumberOne - GameFAQs Fantastic four the game walkthrough

Complete Temple of Life: The Legend of Four Elements Walkthrough & Strategy Guide. Overview of full game with annotated screenshots from actual gameplay.
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